Encounter Coffee Wigglesworth Blend

Encounter Coffee: The Wigglesworth Blend

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Save $5 NOW on a Wigglesworth Mug with your order of The Wigglesworth Blend Ground or Whole Bean Coffee.

• Awakening Faith •

Embracing the bold spirit of Smith Wigglesworth, known as the Apostle of Faith, this blend is reminiscent of a man who believed in the transformative power of faith in God’s Word. Just as he awakened a generation to the power of God, this coffee is crafted to awaken your senses.

“I am not moved by what I see. I am moved only by what I believe.” – Smith Wigglesworth

• About Encounter Coffee •

By enjoying The Wigglesworth Blend, you’re not only starting your day with faith-filled inspiration but also partnering with what God is doing through Encounter Ministries. Thank you for standing with us to preach the gospel around the world and equip end-time believers for the next great awakening.

Together, we’re brewing a revival, awakening hope, and pouring out love, one cup at a time.