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Encounter Coffee

In choosing Encounter Coffee, you are partnering with the mission of Encounter Ministries to preach the Gospel around the world and to equip end-time saints for the next great awakening.

Together, we are brewing a revival, awakening hope, and pouring out love, one cup at a time. Thank you!

The Wigglesworth Blend

Embracing the bold spirit of Smith Wigglesworth, known as the Apostle of Faith, this blend is reminiscent of a man who believed in the transformative power of faith in God’s Word. Just as he awakened a generation to the power of God, this coffee is crafted to awaken your senses.

Azusa Street Mornings

This blend is a tribute to the historic Azusa Street Revival, where the Holy Spirit moved mightily, transcending racial, cultural, and economic barriers. It is inspired by the unyielding faith and vision of William J. Seymour. Let each sip of this blend be a reminder to pursue a modern-day revival in your life.

Encounter Today Student Community bundle

Encounter Today eCourse Bundle

By purchasing this subscription bundle, you will have access to many of Encounter Today's most popular eCourses, the Encounter Today Student Community Chat, and more!

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40 Days of FAith

Multi-Media Devotional

What do you do when it seems like all Hell is breaking loose and your prayers aren’t breaking through? If you’ve been under an unusual amount of stress, I’ve got good news… the impeachment of your faith is almost over!

40 Days of Faith is a six-week devotional (with FREE Videos with each chapter) written for those who have been under an enormous amount of stress and an unusual amount of attacks.

Moses fasted 40 days… Elijah fasted 40 days…Jesus fasted 40 days. Find out how you can release your faith to overcome overwhelming attacks in just 40 days of faith training.

You're just 40 days away from a NEW Beginning! Download your copy of 40 Days of Faith today!