Fish Still Come First (Digital Downloads with BONUS Materials)

Fish Still Come First (Digital Downloads with BONUS Materials)

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In this renewed series (with BONUS materials) by Pastor Alan DiDio, you'll discover that the healing you desire, the deliverance you crave and the household salvation you long for is available in your wealthy place. Fish Come First is more than another teaching series, it is a Divine revelation that has changed many lives and will dramatically transform yours.

Included in this Series:

1) A Draught of Fish (mp3)

2) Fishers of Men (mp3)

3) Miracles of Multiplication (mp3)

4) 10 Keys to Entering Your Wealthy Place (mp3)

5) Grace for Prosperity (mp4)

6) Abounding Grace (mp4)

7) Encounter Today Fish Come First Special (mp4)

8) 101 Prosperity Confessions (pdf)

9) 10 Debt Destroying Strategies (pdf)


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